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New Radiation Treatment for Early Stage Breast Cancer
New Radiation Treatment for Early Stage Breast Cancer

The treatment of breast cancer is one of the most exciting and evolving areas in surgery and medicine today. A large majority of women who are diagnosed with this disease at an early stage are candidates for Breast Conservation Therapy (BCT). BCT is defined as lumpectomy or surgical removal of the tumor with clean or uninvolved margins along with axillary staging, usually through a sentinel lymph node biopsy.  Following surgical resection and staging, most women who choose BCT are treated with 6 weeks of external beam whole- breast irradiation which reduces the local recurrence rate. Despite the availability of this form of treatment, many women are opting for mastectomy during which the whole breast, along with the axillary lymph nodes, is removed. We know from long term follow up and from clinical trials, that BCT and Mastectomy are equivocal in terms of overall and disease-free survival. If this is so, why are so many women with early stage breast cancer still receiving mastectomy? Read more here...