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Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation (APBI)
Retrospective analysis of whole breast radiation therapy, which takes 6-7 weeks, has shown that the impact of radiation therapy is highest at the area where the primary breast cancer was initially identified . Because of these findings, it has been recently shown that radiation to the lumpectomy cavity  over a shorter period of time can achieve the same results.  This technique, referred to as accelerated partial breast radiation therapy, can be done with multiple types of catheters including, the MammoSite RDS radiation catheter, the Multichannel Contura Balloon catheter and Multichannel Savi Catheter.

Coastal Carolina Breast Center has the most experience in the state of South Carolina with this promising technique and currently has patients registered in the NSABP 39 Breast Radiation Trial and The American Society of Breast Surgeons MammoSite Registry Trial. The placement of this catheter is done 7-10 days after a successful lumpectomy and takes about 15 minutes to perform in our office. Radiation is then performed twice a day for 5 days and the catheter is removed after the last treatment.